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Observations on the Implementation of the North American Agreement on Labor Cooperation: Emerging Issues and Initial Impacts on United States-Mexico Labor Relations

Ernesto M. Reza, Lloyd Peake, Harold Dyck


The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) casts a series of significant new challenges for labor organizations. If organized labor interests are to respond effectively, these challenges need to be examined critically and addressed in a timely manner during the initial phases of NAFTA's implementation. This research report examines the emerging issues that are pertinent to labor relations and organizing efforts across the United States and Mexican border. Issues concerning litigation of cross-border disputes, international organizational linkages, independent unionization campaigns, international union strategies, government policies, and other related issues examined in this paper were identified through a literature review as well as through interviews with government officials, labor leaders, and labor relations experts from the United States and Mexico. The implications of the findings for future policy development, labor union strategies, and further research are also discussed.

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