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Borderlands in Africa: A Comparative Research Perspective With Particular Reference to Western Europe

Anthony I. Asiwaju


The purpose of this article is two-fold. It is, first, to draw attention to the inadequately explored borderlands alternative perspective to scholarly and policy research on African boundaries. This emphasis is urgent for reason of its direct relevance to current efforts at achieving transborder cooperation as a cornerstone for effective sub-regional and regional integration. The second point of emphasis is the comparative perspective to the study. This is compelled not only by the need to explore for lessons of experience. Comparison is also impelled by the need to avoid familiar-type Africanist parochialism. Such chauvinism is inexcusable in view of the massive literature which has grown and is still growing from the scholarly study and policy analysis of borderlands situations in such other regions of the world as Western Europe and North America which have been exposed to relevant problems for much longer than in Africa.

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