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Gregorio Hernández Moreno: Diary of an Undocumented Worker

Oscar J. Martinez


Diaries kept by undocumented immigrants are rare indeed, but Gregorio Hernández Moreno produced such a document in 1968 while he worked in Saginaw, Michigan. During that long year Gregorio managed one visit to Ciudad Juárez, where his wife and children had remained, and various family members in turn travelled to Saginaw for short periods to be with him. Gregorio's use of the border as a springboard for employment deep in the interior of the United States is part of the larger story of crossborder migration during the second half of the twentieth century. By the 1960s thousands upon thousands of workers who resided in the Mexican border communities took seasonal jobs north of the boundary. During their absences their loved ones coped by themselves as best as they could.

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