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A Content Comparison of Daily Newspapers In the El Paso-Juárez Circulation Area

Robert W. Jones


As Maxwell McCombs (1988:125) has pointed out, monopolies in the newspaper publishing business "have become the modal situation across North America. The disappearance of competition and the emergence of monopolies in all but a handful of markets is the culmination of an economic trend set in motion well over a half century ago."

This study was undertaken to investigate McCombs' (1988) assertion that "the sociology of news literature collectively creates the expectation that newspapers competing in the same geographic and demographic market will produce highly similar products." Probably McCombs wasn't thinking about a market extending across an international boundary, but this study does afford the opportunity to begin investigating whether or not international geographic differences within a single market have an effect on newspaper market competition. In particular, the following hypotheses will be examined:
1. the two Juárez newspapers will be similar in content,
2. the two El Paso newspapers will be similar in content, and
3. the content emphasis of the two newspapers in El Paso will be different from the content emphasis of the two newspapers in Mexico.

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