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Transnational Fronterizos: Cross-Border Linkages in Mexican Border Society

Oscar J. Martínez


This article is part of an ongoing project that examines how different segments of U.S.-Mexico border society carry on cross-border relationships, and how such contact affects their way of life. The focus here is on subgroups on the Mexican side of the border, with an emphasis on economic ties that exist with the U.S. side. The working categories I have devised are based on familiarity with border literature as well as knowledge accumulated through many years of observation and direct participation in the workings of border society.

Lack of hard data necessarily makes my typology hypothetical and speculative. Ideally, fieldwork would sustain the generalizations about the various subgroups herein identified, but in the absence of such data my preliminary portrait may prove helpful in formulating strategies on how empirical research on this subject might be carried out. My chief aim, then, is to submit this conceptualization of border society for discussion and further reflection and refinement.

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