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The Migratory Patterns of Two Mennonite Communities in Mexico

Dennis J. Bixler-Márquez


This research will begin with a brief overview of early European Mennonite history and the migrations that led to Mennonite settlements in the New World, especially Canada and Mexico. This historical tracing of migratory patterns will reveal the conditions that prompt Mennonites to traverse international borders to the present day. A more specific analysis of two Mexican Mennonite colonies in the state of Chihuahua, one in the region of Cuauhtémoc and the other in Capulín, will follow in order to examine the present-day "push" and "pull" factors to emigrate to new lands. While anticipated migration will result in the movement of Mennonites within and out of the region, it is expected that vacated lands will be repopulated by other immigrating Mennonites, owing at least in part to the strong sense of religious identity shared even across schisms.

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