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Malaysia's Border Relations

C. Richard Bath


Borderlands scholars in the United States have all too often in the past concentrated their research efforts on the United States-Mexico and United States-Canada borders (Stoddard, et al. 1983). More recently efforts have been made to expand those efforts to include borderlands in Europe, including Eastern Europe, and Africa (Martinez 1986). By and large, border problems in Southeast Asia, with the exception of Hong Kong's border problems with the People's Republic of China (Sklair 1986), have not been of primary concern to borderlands scholars. Not that the borders themselves have been ignored, since recent invasions and military actions have brought the whole question of borders for Vietnam, Laos, Kampuchea, and Thailand to global attention. But rarely have the issues and problems of Southeast Asia's borders been the chief focus of research. This article will examine the borders of Malaysia. Because of research commitments of the writer, implicitly a comparison will be made with the United States-Mexico border, although at this juncture no formal comparative analysis will be carried out. Hopefully such a comparative analysis will be made in the near future. Basically this article is a descriptive analysis of Malaysia's border problems.

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