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Commercial Banking on the U.S.-Mexico Border

Jeffery T. Brannon, Wilke D. English, Patricia Kriner


In order to investigate constraints imposed by the U.S.-Mexico border on financial flows and their effects upon border financial institutions, a survey of 74 commercial banks was conducted. These banks are located in twenty-five United States Border counties. In addition, several banks in Bexar County, Texas (San Antonio), which has had traditionally strong ties with Mexico, were also surveyed. The survey instrument was designed to determine how the border affected the banks' marketing strategies and definition of market area. Further, we were interested in knowing the bankers' views on the nature and importance of identifiable economic and social barriers to the allocation of financial resources in the border region.

The first two sections of the paper review the socioeconomic characteristics and financial structure of both the sample counties and their Mexican counterparts. In the third section, the results of the survey are presented. Finally, we explore alternative measures for improving the allocation of financial resources in U.S.-Mexican border communities.

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