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Edward H. Harte and the Corpus Christi Caller-Times: A South Texan Looks at Mexico

Ward S. Albro III


A common complaint is that media in this country give scant attention to Mexico except in times of crisis. Clearly one does not have to read far into the periodical press of the United States and Mexico to note a definite difference. United States affairs loom large in the press of Mexico while newspapers north of the border are most obviously not preoccupied with Mexican affairs. A notable exception to these generalizations is the work of Edward H. Harte, publisher of the Corpus Christi-Caller Times. While his newspapers may not give any more space to Mexican affairs than any other borderlands daily, Harte's own column, appearing regularly in the Sunday edition, has more and more focused on Mexico. That a newspaper publisher is regularly writing for the paper is somewhat unusual, but that this publisher, a key figure in the Harte-Hanks chain of media activities, is so concerned with Mexico is of special interest to anyone with even a passing interest in the Mexican-United States borderlands. By examining Harte's writings on Mexico from the time the column began in 1973 through 1985, this paper will attempt to describe and evaluate the development of the concerns of Ed Harte regarding Mexico. For a significant and influential South Texan to have such an interest in Mexican affairs is important in shaping attitudes toward Mexico over a wide area of South Texas.

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