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Regional Integration and Border Interactions in the Cuenca del Plata: Legacies, Achievements and Challenges for the Mercosur

Bruno Dupeyron


The Cuenca del Plata covers border territories of Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay. In other words, all Mercosur members share cross-border interests in this border space. Due to the regional integration, borders and border spaces have been to a certain extent redefined. The Cuenca del Plata represents a stimulating case-study to analyse how and how far the cross-border public action has been adjusted to this new Mercosur deal. Past and current public policies in the area are analyzed. However, colonial and state-nation legacies remain insidious. Accordingly, current intergovernmental architecture in the Mercosur is reflected sharply in current cross-border regime. Facing this top-down process, it is crucial to stress bottom-up efforts from regional and local governments, along with initiatives from the civil society that adopt alternative forms of decision-making process.

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