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Determinants of Change in the Landscape of the Polish-Ukrainian Borderland as Exemplified by Rawa Roztocze

Ewa Skowronek, Tomasz Furtak


This article concerns the development and present condition of the landscape of the southern part of Roztocze in the Polish-Ukrainian borderland. The area is divided by the state frontier and is sometimes called Rawa Roztocze. Due to its turbulent history, its unstable political situation, and the diverse ethnic composition of its population, a distinctive form of landscape has evolved in this area.

The cultural landscape that evolved over the centuries in Rawa Roztocze was destroyed and transformed by World War II. The demarcation of a new border between Poland and the USSR in 1944 profoundly impacted the area's landscape, particularly its population density, settlement arrangements, transportation network, and land-use structure. A further consequence of the demarcation was the division of its landscape, which was quite homogenous until the outbreak of World War II. Since then, the landscape has developed differently on the Polish and Ukrainian sides of the border.

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