Looking Back Twenty-Three Years: An Analysis of Contributors and Contributions to the Journal of Borderlands Studies, 1986 (volume 1, number 1) to 2008 (volume 23, number 2)

Michael J. Pisani, Juan C. Reyes, Baldomero G. García


We review the contributors and contributions to the Journal of Borderlands Studies from the journal's inception in 1986 through volume 23, issue 2 (2008). In these 45 individual issues of the JBS, 419 authors have contributed 270 research papers. These authors are affiliated with 150 institutions in 25 countries. Additionally, these authors write from 40 different disciplinary perspectives from Accounting to Urban Planning with Economics, Geography, Political Science and Sociology most heavily represented. Authorship in the Journal of Borderlands Studies is open to faculty of all ranks and multidisciplinary in representation. While the journal has made a concerted effort to publish papers concerning borders on every continent (with the exception of Australia), articles that are geographically focused on North American borders make up more than 72% of published manuscripts.

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