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The Multiple Contexts of Borders that Impact Telemedicine as a Healthcare Delivery Solution

Pamela Whitten, Jennifer Cornacchione


For five decades, telemedicine—the use of communication technologies to provide health care at a distance—has improved access to health care for individuals who have previously had limited access. With the increasing number of health challenges across the globe, such as growing costs and limited health resources in rural areas, telemedicine is poised to be a platform to improve these problems. This paper examines telemedicine’s role in improving health care, and how it facilitates the redefining of borders. Examples of the way telemedicine has improved access to care for individuals living in remote locations are discussed, and these examples illustrate how telemedicine allows us to conceptualize political, geographical, technological, and economic borders in novel ways. Ethical issues, future directions, and policy considerations in telemedicine research are also highlighted.

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