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Re-Making of Europe's Borders Through the European Neighbourhood Policy

Bohdana Dimitrovova


This article examines the implication of the European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP) framework for the development of political community around the problem of re-bordering processes in Europe. It suggests that the ENP can be viewed as an attempt to reconcile two potentially contradictory bordering processes. The first - 'border confirming' - is about confirming border areas of demarcation and division in which borders are conceived as boundary lines, frontier zones, or barriers that protect the Union and its citizens. The second - 'border transcending' - consists in a challenge to open European borders and involves the transformation of the EU's external boundaries into zones of interactions, opportunities and exchanges, where the emphasis is on transcendence of boundaries. In order to sort out some of the contradictions surrounding highly contested phenomena of mobility in the neighborhood, the article examines three bordering strategies: state borders, the imperial analogy, and borders as networks. Each corresponds to different forms of territoriality and each implies a different form of control over the population.

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