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Transborder Use of Medical Services Among Mexican American Students in a U.S. Border University

Leticia Fernández, Jon Amastae


The geographic and cultural proximity of sister cities along the U.S.-Mexico border suggests that U.S. residents may circumvent financial, social, and legal barriers to healthcare by seeking care in Mexico. While most reports suggest that cross-border use of healthcare is a common practice among low-income Spanish-speaking U.S. residents, little is known about groups with other socioeconomic profiles. We use data from a survey among students enrolled in a U.S. border university to examine their cross-border utilization of healthcare. We find that use of cross-border healthcare diminishes significantly with English language acquisition. The presence of kin on the Mexican side of the border and use of services in Mexico by co-residents, however, increase the likelihood of students' use of healthcare across the border.

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