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Beyond National Borders: Family Frontiers and Expulsion from the US

Edgar W. Butler, Celia Mancillas Bazan


The US has contradictory policies of NAFTA while curbing the flow of Mexicans. Former Mexican "commuters" no longer commute because of not being able to return to Mexico while the possibility of a summary deportation is great. A large number of immigrants in California live in "mixed" legal and illegal families. Deportation, in effect, may have the unintended effect of abridging a US citizen's rights and treating children in mixed families as second-class citizens. Despite its impact on families, there is a lack of information and research concerning the expelling experience of Mexican immigrant families and their children from the US. Our sample comprises Mexican migrant men and women, recently deported from the US and residing in Tijuana, Mexico, and several other sites along the border. The results of our interviews conducted with the deported on Mexico's northern border contrast sharply with those in other Mexican and California locations.

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