Vol 22, No 2 (2007)

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Table of Contents


Fighting for the Patria on the ‘Wrong’ Side of the Border: The Role of the Mexican Consuls in the Federal Campaign Against the Magonista Rebels in Baja California in 1911 PDF
Lawrence D. Taylor 1-20
Borders and Identities/Border Identities: The Angola-Namibia Border and the Plurivocality of the Kwanyama Identity PDF
Chiara Brambilla 21-38
Integration Strategies and Barriers to Co-Operation in Cross-Border Regions: Case Study of the Øresund Region PDF
Povl A. Hansen, Göran Serin 39-56
Labor Market Effects in the German-Czech Border Region: An Empirical Study Using the IAB Employment Sample (IABS) PDF
Michael Moritz, Margit Gröger 57-76
Biometrics: Intersecting Borders and Bodies in Liberal Bionetwork States PDF
James C. Ross 77-96
Determinants of Cross-Border Commuting: Do Cross-Border Commuters within the Household Matter? PDF
Georg Gottholmseder, Engelbert Theurl 97-112

Research Notes

A Dataset for U.S.-Mexico Border Research PDF
Joan B. Anderson, James Gerber 113-118

Book Reviews

Beyond Smoke and Mirrors: Mexican Immigration in an Era of Economic Integration by Douglas S. Massey, Jorge Durand and Nolan J. Malone, 2002.
Reviewed by
Joan B. Anderson 119-120
Fifty Years of Change on the U.S.-Mexico Border by Joan B. Anderson and James Gerber, 2007.
Reviewed by
David J. Molina 121-122

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