Vol 18, No 2 (2003)

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Table of Contents


Law Enforcement and Security Challenges in the U.S.-Mexican Border Region PDF
David A. Shirk 1-24
Education and Migration in a Border City PDF
Leticia Fernández, Jon Amastae, Cheryl Howard 25-44
Employment Determination at Mexican Maquiladoras: Does Location Matter? PDF
André Varella Mollick 45-67
The Temporalit(ies) of European Cross-Border Governance: Euregios and the Problem of Sens PDF
Olivier Thomas Kramsch 69-85
Migration in the Life Course of Women in the Border City of Matamoros, Tamualipas: Links to Educational, Family, and Labor Trajectories PDF
Raquel R. Marquez, Yolanda C. Padilla 87-104
Images of the U.S.-Mexico Border: Voices from a Rancho in Jalisco PDF
Tamar Diana Wilson 105-113

Book Reviews

Borderman: Memoirs of Federico Jose Maria Ronstadt by Edward F. Ronstadt (ed.), 2003.
Reviewd by
Michael G. Ellis 115-116
Both Sides of the Border: Transboundary Environmental Management Issues Facing Mexico and the United States by Linda Fernandez and Richard T. Carson (eds.), 2002.
Reviewed by
Donna Lybecker 117-119

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