Vol 15, No 1 (2000)

European Perspectives on Borderlands

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Table of Contents


Three North American Scholars Remember Hans Briner PDF
Paul Ganster, Lawrence Herzog, Niles Hansen 3-7
Hans J. Briner, Borderlands Visionary PDF
Christian J. Haefliger 9-12


Cross-Border Cooperation in Europe: Historical Development, Institutionalization, and Contrasts with North America PDF
Joachim Blatter, Norris Clement 15-53


An Overview of European Geographical Research on Borders and Border Regions PDF
Henk van Houtum 57-83
European Integration and Border-Related Institutions: A Practical Guide PDF
Doris Wastl-Walter, Andrea Ch. Kofler 85-106
Transboundary Cooperation in Switzerland: Training for Europe PDF
Maria Lezzi 107-142
Transboundary Cooperation on Germany's Borders: Strategic Regionalism through Multilevel Governance PDF
James Wesley Scott 143-167
Bridging the Iron Curtain? Cooperation around the Baltic Rim PDF
Pertti Joenniemi 169-185
"Chunnel Visions": Unpacking the Anticipatory Geographies of an Anglo-European Borderland PDF
Matthew Sparke 187-219
Hungary's Seven Border Regions PDF
I. Szörényiné Kukorelli, L. Dancs, Z. Hajdú, J. Kugler, I. Nagy 221-254
New Crossings at Different Borders: Finland PDF
Heikki Eskelinen, Pirjo Jukarainen 255-279
On the Value of a Transatlantic Dialogue on Border Research PDF
Martin van der Velde 281-290

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