Vol 13, No 1 (1998)

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Settling the Brazilian Frontier: The Role of Military Colonies, 1849-1889 PDF
Lydia M. Garner 1-28
The Dynamics of Regional Identity in a Frontier Region: The Case of Alsace PDF
Lyndhurst Collins 29-55
La Frontera Química: Toxic Emissions and Spills along the U.S.-Mexican Border PDF
John P. Tiefenbacher 57-77
Third Generation Maquiladoras? The Delphi-General Motors Case PDF
Jorge Carrillo, Alfredo Hualde 79-97
Knowledge of HIV/AIDS in Texas-Mexico Border Colonias: A Pilot Study PDF
Cecilia Garza, Jan Hoffman, Therese Schwab, Yoko Sugihara, Judith Ann Warner 99-112

Book Reviews

New Borders and Old Barriers in Spatial Development Edited by Peter Nijkamp, 1994.
Reviewed by
Norris Clement 113-114

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Online ISSN: 2159-1229