Vol 12, No 1&2 (1997)

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Income Distribution along the United States Border with Mexico: 1970-1990 PDF
James Peach 1-16
Maquiladoras and Skill Development PDF
John Sargent 17-39
Nongovernmental Organizations in Mexico's Northern Border PDF
Carol Zabin 41-72
Assessing Transboundary Environmental Impacts on the U.S.-Mexican and U.S.-Canadian Borders PDF
Lilias C. Jones, Pamela Duncan, Stephen P. Mumme 73-96
Inducing Transboundary Regionalism in Asymmetric Situations: The Case of the German-Polish Border PDF
James Wesley Scott, Kimberly Collins 97-121
The Barents Euro-Arctic Region: On the Restructuring of Northernmost Europe PDF
Pertti Joenniemi 123-150
Explaining Crossborder Cooperation: A Border-Focused and Border-External Approach PDF
Joachim Blatter 151-174

Book Reviews

Border-Regional Economics by Rongxing Guo, 1996.
Reviewed by
Norris Clement, Serge Rey 175-179
Borderline Cases. Environmental Matters at the United States-Mexico Border Produced and directed by Lynn Corcoran, 1996.
Reviewed by
Paul Ganster 180-181

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