Vol 13, No 2 (1998)

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Regional Trade and "the Medicine Line": The National Border Effect in U.S. Commodity Flow Data PDF
Russell Hillberry 1-17
Sourcing Strategies of Asian Manufacturers and the Development of Local Linkages in San Diego and Tijuana PDF
Stephen Jenner, Wim Douw, Boudewijn Koops 19-48
Personality Differences across Borders: A Comparison of Student Samples from Mexico and the United States PDF
Jai Ghorpade, Keith Hattrup, James R. Lackritz 49-61
Micro-, Meso-, and Macropatterns of Women's Migration to Colonia Popular, Mexicali, Baja California PDF
Tamar Diana Wilson 63-82
Migrant Women Crossing Borders: The Role of Gender and Religion in Internal and External Mexican Migration PDF
Alicia Re Cruz 83-97

Book Reviews

Territories, Boundaries and Consciousness: The Changing Geographies of the Finnish-Russian Border by Anssi Paasi, 1995.
Reviewed by
Alan Sweedler 99-103

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