Vol 10, No 2 (1995)

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Women's Labor Force Participation and Migration to the Texas Border Region
Joan B. Anderson, Denise Dimon, Jeffery Brannon 5-32
Texas to Mexico: A Border to Avoid PDF
James R. Giermanski 33-52
A Functional Approach to Boundaries in the Context of Environmental Issues PDF
Barbara Morehouse 53-73
The Texas-Mexico Maquila Industry: Expectations for the Future PDF
Armand Picou, Emanuel Peluchon 75-86
Subnational Diplomacy: Japan and Sakhalin PDF
Yakov Zinberg 87-108

Book Reviews

Divided Waters Bridging the U.S.-Mexico Border by Helen Ingram, Nancy K. Laney and David M. Gillilan, 1995.
Reviewed by
Michael G. Ellis 111-113
Theory and Practice of Transborder Cooperation by Remigio Ratti and Shalom Reichman, eds, 1993.
Reviewed by
David J. Molina 114-116
Linking or Isolating Economies? A Look at Trucking Along the Texas-Mexico Border by David J. Molina and James R. Giermanski, 1994.
Reviewed by
Chris Erickson 117-119

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