Vol 8, No 1 (1993)

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Borders and Borderlands as Linchpins For Regional Integration in Africa: Lessons of the European Experience PDF
Anthony I. Asiwaju 1-20
Border Region Development as Impetus for Transborder Cooperation and Integration in Africa: The Nigerian Experience PDF
B. M. Barkindo 21-38
The Institutionalization of Transboundary Cooperation in Europe: Recent Development on the Dutch-German Border PDF
James Wesley Scott 39-66
The Maquila Industry in Perspective PDF
Jesús Tamayo 67-76
Teen-Age Pregnancy in the Texas Borderlands PDF
Ellwyn R. Stoddard 77-98
Women's Activities During the Prohibition Era Along the U.S.-Mexico Border PDF
Kendel Croston 99-113

Book Reviews

La Apertura Comercial y La Frontera Mexico-Texas edited by Alejandro Dávila Flores, 1993.
Reveiwed by
David J. Molina 116-118
Demographic Dynamics of the U.S.-Mexico Border edited by John R. Weeks and Roberto Ham-Chande, 1992.
Reviewed by
Ellwyn R. Stoddard 119-124
Changing Boundaries in the Americas, New Perspectives on the U.S.-Mexican, Central American, and South American Borders edited by Lawrence Herzog, 1992.
Reviewed by
Michael G. Ellis 125-127

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