Vol 6, No 1 (1991)

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Table of Contents


Frontiers, Borders and Border Segmentation: Toward a Conceptual Clarification PDF
Ellwyn R. Stoddard 1-22
Interpreting International and Domestic Law Concerning Refugees: The U.S. Government vs. the Sanctuary Movement PDF
Suzanne L. Fiederlein 23-50
Economic Survival Strategies of Poor Families on the Mexican Border PDF
Joan Anderson, Martin de la Rosa 51-68
The Urban Economic Base in a Trans-Border Setting: A Case Study of Two Towns PDF
Richard C. Jones 69-90
Twentieth Century Migration to Baja California PDF
Edgar W. Butler, James B. Pick 91-125

Book Reviews

Atlas of Mexico by James B. Pick, Edgar W. Butler and Elizabeth L. Lanzer, 1989.
Reviewed by
Rena J. Gordon 128-130
El Paso: A Borderlands History by W. H. Timmons, illustrated by José Cisneros, 1990.
Reviewed by
Ellwyn R. Stoddard 131-132
Dimensions of United States-Mexican Relations a five volume series edited by Rosario Green and Peter H. Smith, 1989.
Reviewed by
Michael G. Ellis 133-138

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