Vol 5, No 2 (1990)

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Border Commuter Workers and Transfrontier Metropolitan Structure Along the United States-Mexico Border PDF
Lawrence A. Herzog 1-20
Across Borders: International Influences on Domestic Agenda Building PDF
Leslie R. Alm 21-38
The Impact of the 1982 Peso Devaluations on Maquiladora Profits PDF
Alberto Davila 39-50
Business Credit Availability in the Rio Grande Valley: An Analysis of Business Needs and Bank Lending PDF
Paul Michael Taube, J. Michael Patrick 51-67
A Comparison of Border and Non-Border Banks in Texas PDF
Charles J. Ellard, Jerry Prock 69-80
Border Region Minority Students: A Note on Educational Policies for the 1990s PDF
Pamela Balch 81-86
Growth Factors in the Maquila Industry PDF
Edward Y. George, Wilma Hoffman 87-98

Book Reviews

State and Capital in Mexico: Development Policy Since 1940 by James M. Cypher, 1990.
Reviewed by
Michael G. Ellis 101-103
Conquest of the Sierra: Spaniards and Indians in Colonial Oaxaca by John K. Chance, 1989.
Reviewed by
Leslie S. Offutt 104-107
We Just Toughed it Out: Women in the Llano Estacado by Georgellen Burnett, 1990.
Reveiwed by
William Call 108-109
The Mexican-American Border Region: Issues and Trends by Raúl A. Fernández, 1989.
Reviewed by
James L. Dietz 110-112

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