Vol 5, No 1 (1990)

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Border Maquiladoras and Research Interpretations: An International Symposium PDF
Ellwyn R. Stoddard 1-30
Do Maquiladoras Take American Jobs? Some Tentative Econometric Results PDF
William C. Gruben 31-45
Mexico's In Bond Export Industries and U.S. Legislation: Conflictive Issues PDF
Martin E. Rosenfeldt 47-66
A Test of Purchasing Power Parity: Texas Border Retail Trade and the Value of the Peso 1976-1987 PDF
V. Howard Savage, Eric Blankmeyer 67-78
Transnational Fronterizos: Cross-Border Linkages in Mexican Border Society PDF
Oscar J. Martínez 79-94
Andean Border Integration: Report on a Seminar in Lima, Peru July 3-6, 1989 PDF
Paul Ganster 95-110
Transboundary Relations and Acid Rain: New York's Memoranda of Understanding with Quebec and Ontario PDF
Nancy Paige Smith 111-133

Book Reviews

Borderlands in Africa: A Multidisciplinary and Comparative Focus on Nigeria and West Africa edited by A.I. Asiwaju and P.O. Adeniyi, 1989.
Reviewed by
Ellwyn R. Stoddard 136-137
Border: The U.S.-Mexico Line by Leon C. Metz, 1989. Poorest of Americans by Robert Lee Maril, 1989. The Border: Life on the Line by Douglas Kent Hall, 1988. Lines and Shadows by Joseph Wambaugh, 1984.
Reviewed by
Ellwyn R. Stoddard 138-141
Standoff at the Border: A Failure of Microdiplomacy by Thomas J. Price, 1989.
Reviewed by
Stephen P. Mumme 142-144
Opening and Closing the Doors: Evaluating Immigration Reform and Control by Frank D. Bean, Georges Vernez and Charles B. Keely, 1989.
Reviewed by
Lizbeth Ellis 145-146
Entrepreneurs and Politics in Twentieth Century Mexico by Roderic A. Camp, 1989.
Reviewed by
Michael G. Ellis 147-148

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