Vol 4, No 2 (1989)

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Binational Emissions Trading in an International Air Shed: The Case of El Paso, Texas and Ciudad Juárez PDF
Howard G. Applegate, C. Richard Bath, Jeffery T. Brannon 1-25
Amnesty: Functional Modifications of a Congressional Mandate PDF
Ellwyn R. Stoddard 26-58
The Role of Church Amnesty Assistance Programs in the Implementation of the 1986 Immigration Reform and Control Act PDF
Gayle K. Berardi 59-69
Employee Turnover in the Maquiladoras PDF
Wilke English, Susan Williams, Santiago Ibarreche 70-99
The Impact of Maquiladora Investment on the Size Distribution of Income Along the U.S.-Mexico Border: The Case of Texas PDF
David J. Molina, Steven L. Cobb 100-118

Book Reviews

Utmost Good Faith: Patterns of Apache-Mexican Hostilities in Northern Chihuahua Border Warfare 1821-1848 by William B. Griffen, 1988.
Reviewed by
Roberto Mario Salmón 121-123
Troublesome Border by Oscar J. Martínez, 1988.
Reviewed by
Kathleen Brook 124-127
Border Fury: A Picture Postcard Record of Mexico's Revolution and U.S. War Preparedness, 1910-1917 by Paul J. Vanderwood and Frank N. Samponaro, 1988.
Reviewed by
James Nordyke 128-130
The Hispanic Elite of the Southwest by Manuel G. Gonzales, 1989.
Reviewed by
John L. Polich 131-132
Management in Two Cultures: Bridging the Gap Between U.S. and Mexican Managers by Eva S. Kras, 1988.
Reviewed by
Harry A. Domicone 133-134

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