Vol 2, No 2 (1987)

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Undocumented Immigrants in the Los Angeles Garment Industry: Displacement or Dual Labor Market? PDF
Stewart Long 1-11
Vehicle Theft Along the U.S.-Mexico Border PDF
Michael V. Miller 12-32
Border Corrido and Ranger Lore: A Contrast in Oral and Written Traditions PDF
Miles W. Williams 33-46
The Economics of Health Care Along the U.S.-Mexico Border: Recent Trends and National Policies PDF
Michael G. Ellis 47-62

Shorter Papers

Job Placement Prospects and Attitudes Toward Employment for Undocumented Mexican Border-Crossers in a U.S. Federal Correctional Institution PDF
G. William Lucker, Harmon M. Hosch, Guido Barrientos, Adolfo J. Álvarez, Pedro Barrera Valdivia 63-74
The Politics of Entrepreneurship: Mexican American Leadership in a Border Setting PDF
Roberto E. Villarreal 75-84
The Undocumented Immigrant: A Socioeconomic Profile PDF
Khosrow Fatemi 85-99

Book Reviews

Law and Community on the Mexican California Frontier, Anglo-American Expatriates and the Clash of Legal Traditions, 1821-1846 by David J. Langum, 1987.
Reviewed by
Joseph Nalven 101-103
The Social Ecology and Economic Development of Ciudad Juárez edited by Gay Young, 1986.
Reviewed by
Stephen P. Mumme 104-106
The Hispanics in the United States: A History by L. H. Gann and Peter J. Duignan, 1986.
Reviewed by
Miles W. Williams 107-109
Indian Traders of the Southeastern Spanish Borderlands by William S. Coker and Thomas D. Watson, 1986.
Reviewed by
John Walker 110-111

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