Vol 25, No 2 (2010)

From Empiricism to Theory in African Border Studies

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Table of Contents


Introduction: from Empiricism to Theory in African Border Studies PDF
David Coplan 1-5
Neither Arbitrary nor Artificial: Chiefs and the Making of the Namibia-Zambia Borderland PDF
Wolfgang Zeller 6-21
On the Border to Chaos: Identity Formation on the Angolan-Namibian Border, 1927-2008 PDF
Gregor Dobler 22-35
The Construction of Internal Borders in a Borderland Region of Central Mozambique PDF
Corrado Tornimbeni 36-52
First Meets Third: Analyzing Inequality along the US-Mexico and South Africa-Lesotho borders PDF
David Coplan 53-64
Mobile Livelihoods—The Players Involved in Smuggling of Commodities across the Zimbabwe-Mozambique Border PDF
Nedson Pophiwa 65-76
Sources for the History of the Southern Border of Mozambique: Preliminary results of a project on the archives of the Portuguese Commission of Cartography PDF
Ana Cristina Roque 77-93
Towards an Approach to Borders and Mobility in Africa PDF
Timothy Mechlinski 94-106
Emerging Forms of Power in two African Borderlands: A Theoretical and Empirical Research Outline PDF
Thomas Hüsken, Georg Klute 107-121

Book Reviews

Tales from Colonia Popular by Tamar Diana Wilson, 2009.
Reviewed by
Joan B. Anderson 125
Nonprofits and their Networks: Cleaning the Waters along Mexico’s Northern Border by Daniel Sabet, 2008.
Reviewed by
Christopher Brown 126-127
Metrópolis Transfronteriza. Revisión de la hipótesis y evidencias de Tijuana, México y San Diego, Estados Unidos by T. Alegría, 2009.
Reviewed by
Alejandro Mercado-Celis 128-129

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