Vol 25, No 3&4 (2010)

Borders and Communication: Connecting Disciplines

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Table of Contents


Assessing Public Confidence in Canada’s New Approach to Border Security PDF
John A. Winterdyk, Kelly W. Sundberg 1-18
Airports as Borderlands: American Preclearance and Transitional Spaces in Canada PDF
Harry Hiller 19-30
A “Border for the People”? Narratives on Changing Eastern Borders in Finland and Austria PDF
Lena Laube, Christof Roos 31-49
Internationalization of Small Businesses of Border Region: A Study of the Determinants PDF
Gautam Dutta 50-63
Financial Dependence of Northern Border Municipalities PDF
Jorge Ibarra Salazar, André Varella Mollick 64-86
Canadian Border Resident Experience of the “Smartening” Border at Niagara PDF
Jane Helleiner 87-103
The Country Within: María Novaro’s Border Films PDF
Graciela Martínez-Zalce 104-119
The Twentieth Anniversary of the German-Polish Border Treaty of 1990: International Treaties and the Imagining of Poland’s Post-1945 Western Border PDF
Tomasz Kamusella 120-143


Borders and Communication: Connecting Disciplines PDF
Manuel Chavez, Charles T. Salmon 147-149
The Role of the Connector in Bridging Borders through Virtual Communities PDF
Michael R. Kotowski, Gildásio M. dos Santos 150-158
Mobilizing Public Will Across Borders: Roles and Functions of Communication Processes and Technologies PDF
Charles T. Salmon, Laleah Fernandez, Lori A. Post 159-170
The Cross-Border Spread of Norms in Journalism: A European Alternative to the U.S. First Amendment? PDF
Michael J. Strauss 171-180
Reconstructing Public Diplomacy in the Context of Policy, Communication, and Technology: An Examination of U.S. - Mexico Border Relations PDF
Manuel Chavez, Jennifer Hoewe 181-190
Consumer Mobility and the Communication of Difference: Reflecting on Cross-Border Shopping Practices and Experiences in the Dutch-German Borderland PDF
Martin van der Velde, Bas Spierings 191-205
The Multiple Contexts of Borders that Impact Telemedicine as a Healthcare Delivery Solution PDF
Pamela Whitten, Jennifer Cornacchione 206-218
Virtual Borders, Data Aliens, and Bare Bodies: Culture, Securitization, and the Biometric State PDF
Javier Duran 219-230

Review Essay

Researching European Frontiers PDF
Malcolm Anderson 233-250

Book Reviews

Conflict and Cooperation in Divided Cities by Jarosław Jańczak (ed.), 2009.
Reviewed by
Katarzyna Stokłosa 253-257
Border Politics: The Limits of Sovereign Power by Nick Vaughan-Williams, 2009.
Reviewed by
Seán L’Estrange 258-259
'Illegal' Traveller. An Auto-Ethnography of Borders. by Shahram Khosravi, 2010
Reviewed by
Ilse van Liempt 260-261

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