Vol 26, No 2 (2011)

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Miserable or Golden Karelia? Interpreting a Cross-border Excursion of Students from Finland to Russia PDF Untitled ()
Pirkkoliisa Ahponen
National Moat, Regional Lifeline: The Campaign for the All-American Canal, 1917–1944 PDF
Eric Boime
The Historical Erasure of an Indigenous Identity in Borderlands: The Western Abenaki of Vermont, New Hampshire, and Quebec PDF
Jean L. Manore
“South Detroit, Canada”: Isolation, Identity and the US–Canada Border, 1914–1918 PDF
Brandon Dimmel
Conceptualizing Borders in Cross-Border Regions: Case Studies of the Barents and Ireland–Wales Supranational Regions PDF
Kaj Zimmerbauer
When Two Aspire to Become One: City-Twinning in Northern Europe PDF
Pertti Joenniemi, Alexander Sergunin

Review Essay

Beyond the Paradigmatic Mirage of Transfrontier Urbanism? Cities, Space, and “Post-Political” War Along the US/Mexico Border PDF
Olivier Thomas Kramsch

Book Reviews

Conservation of Shared Environments: Learning from the United States and Mexico by Laura López-Hoffman, Emily D. McGovern, Robert G. Varady, and Karl W. Fiessa (eds.), 2009.
Reviewed by
Shannon Bruyneeli

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