Vol 24, No 1 (2009)

Table of Contents


Looking Back Twenty-Three Years: An Analysis of Contributors and Contributions to the Journal of Borderlands Studies, 1986 (volume 1, number 1) to 2008 (volume 23, number 2) PDF
Michael J. Pisani, Juan C. Reyes, Baldomero G. García 1-16
Practicing La Réciprocité: Conflict, Compromise and Boundary Formation on the French-Belgian Border, 1715-1787 PDF
Erik J. Hadley 17-33
A Mobile Idea of Space. Traders, Patrons and the Cross-Border Economy in Sahelian Africa PDF
Olivier Walther 34-40


Perspectives on U.S. - Mexico Border Colonias. A special volume of the Journal of Borderlands Studies PDF
Adrian X. Esparza, Angela J. Donelson 49-50
Politics and the Perpetuation of Poverty in Arizona Colonias PDF
Alma Alvarez-Smith 51-61
Upholding Environmental Justice in the Colonias: A New Mexico Approach PDF
David S. Henkel, Jr. 62-75
Questioning Colonia Consolidation in a Mexican Border City: Charity and the Charms of the Narcomundo in a Neoliberal Political Economy PDF
William D. Smith 76-90
Entertainment-Education and CO Poisonings in Ciudad Juárez: A Case Study of El Asesino Invisible PDF
Frank G. Pérez, Verónica Corella-Barud, Gilberto Velázquez-Angulo, Patrick L. Gurian, Salvador Sáenz, Susana I. Flores, Nancy Aguirre 91-99

Book Reviews

Defending the Border: Identity, Religion, and Modernity in the Republic of Georgia by Mathijs Pelkmans, 2006.
Reviewed by
Can E. Mutlu 103-105
Transboundary Policy Changes in North America's Pacific Border Regions edited by James Loucky, Donald K. Alper and J.C. Day, 2008.
Reviewed by
Geoffrey Hale 106-107
Colonias in Arizona and New Mexico: Border Poverty and Community Development Solutions by Adrian X. Esparza and Angela J. Donelson, 2008.
Reviewed by
Sean L’Estrange 108-109

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