Vol 24, No 3 (2009)

Perspectives on Mercosur borders and border spaces: implications for border theories

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Table of Contents


The US-Caribbean Border: An important security border in the 21st century PDF
Suzette A. Haughton 1-20
Unfixing Borderland Identity: Border Performances and Narratives in the Construction of Self PDF
Eeva-Kaisa Prokkola 21-38
Ghettoizing a Matriarch and a City: An everyday story from the Palestinian/Israeli borderlands PDF
Tom Selwyn 39-55


Perspectives on Mercosur borders and border spaces: implications for border theories PDF
Bruno Dupeyron 59-67
The fall of Brazilian National Borders after Mercosur’s formation and its impact on apparent consumption in the nineties PDF
André Filipe Zago de Azevedo 69-82
Borders Which Unite and Disunite: Mobilities and Development of New Territorialities on the Chile - Argentina Frontier PDF
Cristina Hevilla, Perla Zusman 83-96
Building Walls, Breaking Barriers: Territory, Integration and the Rule of Law in Frontier Zones PDF
Lia Osório Machado, André Reyes Novaes, Licio do Rego Monteiro 97-114
Institutional Deficit for Cross-Border Conflict Resolution: The Conflict over the Construction of a Pulp Mill near the Uruguay River PDF
Luigi Alberto Di Martino 115-130
Regional Integration and Border Interactions in the Cuenca del Plata: Legacies, Achievements and Challenges for the Mercosur PDF
Bruno Dupeyron 131-151

Book Reviews

Soft Borders. Rethinking Sovereignty and Democracy by Julie Mostov, 2008.
Reviewed by
Nathalie Schiffino 155-156
Coopération et intégration: perspectives panaméricaines (Cooperation and Integration: Pan-American Cases) edited by François Taglioni and Jean Marie Théodat, 2008.
Reviewed by
André Suchet 157-158
Building the Borderlands: A Transnational History of Irrigated Cotton along the Mexico-Texas Border by Casey Walsh, 2008.
Reviewed by
Owen McEldowney 159-160

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