Vol 26, No 3 (2011)

Special Section on Japan's Borders and Borderlands

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The "Thickening" of the US–Mexico Border: Prospects for Cross-Border Networking and Cooperation PDF
Francisco Lara-Valencia 251-264
The Linguistic Consequences of Boundaries, Borderlands, and Frontiers PDF
Glynn Custred 265-278
An Invitation to Japan's Borderlands: At the Geopolitical Edge of the Eurasian Continent PDF
Akihiro Iwashita 279-282
Northern Challenges: The Japan–Russian Border Dispute and Local Voices PDF
Yukiko Kuroiwa 283-295
Bordering Japan: Towards a Comprehensive Perspective PDF
Koji Furukawa 297-314
Cross-strait Tourism in the Japan–Korean Border Region: Fukuoka, Busan, and Tsushima PDF
Naoki Arai 315-325
Exploring "Borderlity" on the Ogasawara Islands PDF
Yuki Sato 327-344
Russian Perceptions of Japan and China in the Aftermath of the Bolshevik Revolution: A Comparative Case Study of Boris Pil’niak’s Travelogue PDF
Alexander Bukh 345-355
Japan's New National Border Strategy and Maritime Security PDF
Yoshihiko Yamada 357-367

Book Reviews

Borderlands into Bordered Lands. Geopolitics of Identity in Post-Soviet Ukraine by Tatiana Zhurzhenko, 2010.
Reviewed by
James W. Scott 369-370
Rossiyisko-Ukrainskoe pogranichie: dvadtsat' let razdelennogo edinstva [The Russian–Ukrainian Borderland: Twenty Years of the Separated Unity] by V.A. Kolosov and O.I. Vendina (eds.), 2011.
Reviewed by
Olga Filippova 373-374
The Ashgate Research Companion to Border Studies by Doris Wastl-Walter (ed.), 2011.
Reviewed by
Jopi Nyman 371-372

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