Vol 27, No 3 (2012)

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Neighborhood Relations on the Polish Borders: The Example of the Polish–German, Polish–Ukrainian and Polish–Russian Border Regions PDF
Katarzyna Stokłosa
Limits and Borders: Stages of Transboundary Water Management PDF
Mark Wiering, Joris Verwijmeren
The Determinants of Open and Closed Borders PDF
Charles R. Boehmer, Sergio Peña
Immigration and Education: Setbacks and Opportunities For Earnings along the Texas–Mexico Border PDF
Christina Daly
Business Networks in the Cross-border Regions of the Enlarged EU: What do we know in the Post-enlargement Era? PDF
Birgit Leick
Cultural Cooperation or Incorporation: Recollecting and Presenting Borderland Materiality at the External Border of the European Union PDF
Karri Kiiskinen
Homes across the Border: Russian Summer Houses in the Karelian Isthmus and the Finnish State, 1917–1927 PDF
Kitty Lam
Cross-border Cooperation, Regional Disparities and Integration of Markets in the EU PDF
Rolf Bergs

Book Reviews

Bordering and Ordering the Twenty-first Century: Understanding Borders by Gabriel Popescu, 2012.
Reviewed by
Tatiana Zhurzhenko
Eastern Partnership: A New Opportunity for the Neighbours by Elena Korosteleva (ed.), 2012.
Reviewed by
Anaïs Marin
Negotiating Afropolitanism: Essays on Borders and Spaces in Contemporary African Literature and Folklore by Jennifer Wawrzinek and J. K. S. Makokha (eds.), 2011.
Reviewed by
Peter Chilson

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