Vol 23, No 2 (2008)

Table of Contents


Spatial Equity and Transportation Hazard Along Cross-Border Trade Corridors: The Case of Ambos Nogales PDF
Francisco Lara-Valencia, Juan Declet-Barreto, Eric Keys 1-18
Economic Informality on the U.S.-Mexican Border: A (Re)View from South Texas PDF
Michael J. Pisani, Chad Richardson, J. Michael Patrick 19-40
Heterogeneity, Borders and Thresholds: How Mobile Transnational Professionals Order the World PDF
Magdalena Nowicka 41-58
NAFTA and the Border Environmental Cooperation Commission: Assessing Activism in the Environmental Infrastructure Project Certification Process (1996-2004) PDF
Jo Marie Rios, Joseph Jozwiak 59-81
Legacies of Anglo-French Colonial Borders: A West African and Southeast Asian Comparison PDF
William F. S. Miles 83-102

Book Reviews

Many Rivers to Cross: Cross Border Co-Operation in River Management edited by Joris Verwiijmereen and Marck Wiering, 2007.
Reviewed by
Joachim Blatter 103-104
The Pan Pearl River Delta - An Emerging Regional Economy in a Globalizing China edited by Y.M. Yeung and Shen Jianfa, 2008.
Reviewed by
Emmanuel Brunet-Jailly 105-106

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