Vol 1, No 1

Table of Contents

High School Essay Contest Winner PDF
David Denhoff 3
Full Issue PDF
Editor’s Introduction PDF
Hannah Anderson, Benjamin Fast 1
“It is not un-German to love Paris”: German Perceptions of Paris and the French during the Second World War PDF
Amy Coté 9
Race and War: The Impact of African-American Racial Struggle and Tension on American Opposition to the War in Vietnam PDF
Matthew K.M. Hammer 21
Polio and Public Health in British Columbia, 1927-1955 PDF
Alison Hogan 35
Philip of Spain, English King? The Iconography of an English Royal Charter PDF
Carleigh Nicholls 57
Forgotten Victims? The Historiography of the Nanking Massacre PDF
Courtney Reynoldson 73
Historical Capitalism and the Rise of the Global Approach to Chinese Economic History: Giovani Arrghi, Arif Dirlik and Wang Hui PDF
Andrew Chun Wong 91

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