Vol 3, No 1

The Clearihue Review: 2011/12 (Previous Title)

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Sword of Damocles - 2012 History Essay Content Winner
Michael Siemens 4
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Was the War a Watershed?An Examination of First World War’s Impact on a Small Town in B.C.
Bryan Smith 6
United States-Cambodia Relations During the Cold War: the Dire Consequences of a Misled Policy
Graeme Pugh 18
Cosimo de’ Medici: Dynastic Solidarity, Piety and Political Promotion
Isabella Casciola 24
Reflection on the Reservoir: the Dark Side of 20th Century Hydro Development in B.C.
Mike Lenaghan 35
A Revolution in Death?: the Effects of Socialism and Revolution on Russian Death Culture from the End of Imperial Russia to the End of Bolshevism
Alysha Zawaduk 50
Ukraine and the Post-Cold War Global Arms Bazaar: A Tale of Corruption, Misery, Anarchy, Poverty and War. You’ll Laugh, You’ll Cry, You’ll Lose Faith in Humanity, and Hopefully You Won’t Get Bored Before the End
Andrew Farris 60
Sex, Security and Power: Sex Scandals in a Cold War
Michelle Legassicke 74
Arabism and Arab Nationalism in Syria During and After World War One
Cameron Carswell 81

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