Vol 2, No 1

Table of Contents

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Dean's Message PDF
Dr. John A. Archibald 1
Editor's Introduction PDF
Ben Fast, Rayleen Lister 2-3
“Staggering Between Anarchy and Starvation”: An Examination of the Experience of German Civilians under the Allied Blockade of the First World War, 1916-1919 PDF
Charlotte Cass 4-14
Historicity of Survival Theory: African Culture in Religious Experience PDF
Michael Cronk 15-27
The Emergence of Gender Role Anxieties in the Weimar Republic PDF
Sarah Fitterer 28-39
The Public Face of the Royal Canadian Air Force: The Importance of Air Shows and Demonstration Teams to the R.C.A.F. PDF
Luke F. Kowalski 40-58
The Iranian Revolution, 1979: Memory, Desire, and a Search for Identity PDF
Jessica Singh 59-67
Performing for the State: Censorship of the French Theatre under Napoleon PDF
Margaret Sproule 68-80

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