Vol 2, No 2

Table of Contents

Full Issue PDF
Editor's Introduction PDF
Benjamin Fast, Rayleen Lister 1-2
Reviving the Nomad: Racialized Wandering in Disneyland PDF
Alissa Cartwright 3-28
Nineteenth Century Indigenous Prophets in the Northwest and the Elusive Space of Contact PDF
Zach McCann-Armitage 29-41
Art and Identity: Ataturk and the End of the Ottoman Empire PDF
Elsie Mountford 42-54
Citizenship in Germany: Europeanization or Domestic Process? PDF
Galen Murray 55-66
African American Servicemen in Vietnam: Clashes of Race and Generation PDF
Thomas Shepherd 67-84
Italian Jews and the Catholic Reformation: Ghettoization, Restriction and Demarcation in Rome, Venice and Florence PDF
Spriit Waite 85-97
An Affair to Forget: The Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists’ Fateful Relationship with the Abwehr PDF
Alysha Zawaduk 98-115

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