The Divergent/Convergent journal is a production of the University 101 and 102 students. The University 101 program offers free, non-credit, academic courses to students who have faced barriers to post-secondary education.


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2014: Spring: University 102 Students

Table of Contents

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Advantages of Living in a Democratic Society
Henry Tak Pui Au 2
Zen of the Bike
Giovanni Borella 3
Real Democracy
Jeff Ross 4
Raised on the Reserve
Chad Dickie 6
New Perspectives, Quashed Misconceptions
Meliya Gill 9
Modern Disconnect of the Social Masses
Meliya Gill 10
Sailing, Learning and Zen
Ron Gisin 12
A Part of Something Turning
Donna Salmon 14
Saddleman's 'Monster'
shared by susan by susan 16
Food For Thought
Melanie King 22
Blessings in Disguise
Janine Pearce 26
My Infinite Gift
Janine Pearce 27
A Mother's Prayer
Jacquie Ogaard 28
The Learning Curve
Michael Evans 32
The Do Over
Sharon Frances Fugle 34
The Unknown of Knowledge
by Brooke 39
Bernice Kamano 42
The Stigma of Leprosy
Yvonne Murphy 44
Uni 101 - 102 Journey
Victoria Howley 46
What's It All About?
Troi Leonard 48
Difference in Child Rearing
Albert Tyndale 50
Emancipation From Mental Slavery
Dwayne Walters 54
Twice a Week
Alymanda LaVallee 56
Converging and Diverging
Oliver Fehr 58
The Best Kind of...
Maggie St. Onge 60
A Place of Strength
Maggie St. Onge 62
Uni 102 As A Cure For "Angry Old Guy Syndrome"
Alex Pitblado 66
Power & Inequality
Sean Coleman 70
Learning to Learn
Grace Lemieux 72
The Invisible Bird Within Me and The Tree of Life
Michael Young 79
A Crow's Resistance
Dale Harder 80
The Dungeon Door
Cat Sturk 86
Materializing a Union
Cat Sturk 87
My Story
Cat Sturk 90
John Kukkee 92
Under Thumb
Terry MacDonald 98
Second Wind
Gregory Hoar 102

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University of Victoria
Victoria, BC