Spring: University 102 Students

Table of Contents

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Expanding my Mind
Pauline Thompson 2
Wait, Just Weight
Michael Cameron 3
Conscious and Respectful Parenting
Kerri Garland 4
What If and Why Not
Ruth Johnson 9
Love and Acceptance is the Core of All
Ruth Johnson 15
Archaeologist and Artifacts
Andrea Lee Williams 16
One Ohh One
Jay Alcantara 18
Standing on the Shoulders of Giants
Wes Parfitt 20
How Did She Play the Hand She was Dealt With?
Joy Woodhams 23
Social Balancing: No One Left Behind
Bill Cawker 26
Scientology: Fact or Fiction?
Melanie King 27
Melanie King 31
The Group of 102
Linda Brown 32
Linda Brown 33
Linda Brown 34
The Sundial of Feelings
Linda Brown 35
Changing Our Brains in Uni 102
Wendy Penman 36
Wendy Brown 38
Wendy Brown 39
Impact of a Drop of Water
Dennis Palubeski 41
Just Trying to Get By
Dennis Palubeski 42
I Used to Think
Andrew Dickhout 44
Andrew Dickhout 45
Doubting Yourself
Andrew Dickhout 46
Stefannie Postnikoff 48
How I Got to be in University 102
Stefannie Postnikoff 49
Last Minute Poetry or Ode to Caffeine
Kim Willette 51
My places in the world as of 2013
Carlie McKenzie 52
Dear Journal
Ken Bernier 53
Diversity, at the University
Elizabeth Syring 54
When a Deaf Person Hears Voices
Elizabeth Syring 55
Iran nuclear negotiations
Salman Ansari Javid 56
Cosmogonic Jesologist's for Conscious Contact with the Creator
John O'Carroll 60
Cosmogonic Jesology 102
John O'Carroll 61
Some People ...
Jonny On The Spot 62
Surrender Gender and Become a Free Spirit
John O'Carroll 65
Nathan Bell 68
Rules for Claiming a Car
Chloe Seguin 70
Uni 102 Blossoming Conversation Groups
Wayne Sheeran 72
Our Uni 102 Champion
Wayne Sheeran 74
Ever Wonder...?
Paul Coderre 76
Reward and Struggle
Mitch Palubeski 77
Leadership & Democracy
Blake Smith 78
Divergent & Convergent
Blake Smith 80

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University of Victoria
Victoria, BC