Spring: University 102 Students

Table of Contents

Lori Piercey 2
Poverty and "Poverty Pimps"
Geneva Hagen 3
Martin Verna 6
Two Books, Little Known
Bruce Wallace 8
University 102
Juan L. Cabigas 10
Lost, Forgotten, For-Granted Planet Earth (SERIOUSLY)
Laurie Taylor 12
Increasing Urgency
Laurie Taylor 14
Beauty, the Face of the Soul
Reine Marie DeGagne 17
The Value of Old Men
Peter Howard 20
University 102 - A Glimpse of 22nd Century Education
Nelson Guedes 21
Introduction to Community Economics
Nelson Guedes 24
Reflections from the Ditch
Donna Furnival 26
Our Island
Donna Furnival 28
Higher Resolution
Kristopher R. Busby 30
Melissa Rafter 32
The Worker Ants
Colleen Kerr 34
Conversation & Critical Thinking
Colleen Kerr 35
A Brief History of Symbolic Behavior
Colleen Kerr 36
Economics Loves Efficiency
Colleen Kerr 37
Beverly Johnson 38
The Economics of Diversity: Up Close and Personal..40
Beverly Johnson 40
For Ryo
Jadah Hayder 44
Ryo (River)
Jadah Hayder 46
I'm Here Because...
Lance Homych 47
Dreams, Schemes, Community Themes
Anna Norris 48
Thank You
Don Macbeth 49
The World Around Us
Kimth-aqsa, Woman who loves to dance (Tracey Thomas) 52
Sabrina Rowe 56
Sabrina Rowe 57
Sabrina Rowe 58
The Key
Sabrina Rowe 59
Marked by Gender
Jill Cater 60
Jeff Blue Randall 62
Ways of Learning
Juliette Kajuga 64
University 102
Nidaa Al-Dujaili 66
Critical Thinking
Nidaa Al-Dujaili 67
Reflections of My Experience
Amrune Khan 68
Critical Thinking & Social Change
Tina Arsenault 70

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