Fall: University 101 Students

Table of Contents

On the Development of a Sardonic Sense of Humour as a Means of Dealing with the Curveballs Life Throws
Kim Willette 2
The Goal
Kim Willette 3
Sasquatchology 101
John O'Carroll 4
View from the Porch
D.B. Macbeth 8
Solstice is the Sun's Return 3
D.B. Macbeth 9
Uncertainty Principle
D.B. Macbeth 10
"Hi De Hi, Hi De Ho, Gonna Get Me a Piece of Sky" by Blood, Sweat and Tears
Joy May Woodhams 11
The Uni Hallway Walk
Judyrose Johnston 14
My Life
Michael James Cameron 16
Light in the Dark
Michael James Cameron 17
Uni 101 Education
Bill Cawker 18
Encouraging Words of Uni 101
My Perspective: Learning in a Hearing World
Bill Cawker 19
The Blank Slate
Bill Cawker 20
Being Human 101
Patricia Alexa 21
Why I Believe Poetry Persists
Kerri Garland 22
A Return to School
Andrea Lee Williams 23
Thread the Needle
Mitch Palubeski 24
Free to Learn
Mitch Palubeski 25
Carol's Song (Or How I Lost My Mind)
Peter Howard 27
Black and White
Paul Coderre 28
Leave Your Ego at the Door
Blake Smith 29
Diane Stewart 30
Loving Song of Friends
Diane Stewart 32
What If and Why Not
Ruth Johnson 34
Minding Your Own Business
Dennis Palubeski 35
Uni 101 or This Vale of Tearse
Dennis Palubeski 36
Homelessness on the Rise
Salman Ansari Jav' 38
Opening My Mind and Heart
Shelley Steele 42
Marian Webb 45
Language and Intelligence Outside the Box
Gen' Hagen 46
Introduction to Universal Interaction Theory
Nelson Guedes 50
The Election of 2012 Remembered
Nelson Guedes 54
Of Big Birds, Horses and Bayonets
Nelson Guedes 55
Value-Free Science?
Greg Lamb 58
What I Like About the Course
Jeff Ross 61
What I've Learned in University 101
Carlie McKenzie 62

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University of Victoria
Victoria, BC