Fall: University 101 Students

Table of Contents

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Strange Thoughts
Alymanda Wawia 2
My Journey Through Culture Shock
Dwayne Walters 3
If My Eyes Could Speak
Melanie King 6
Melanie King 7
I Am Defiant
Victoria Howley 10
Do you think it's too late to save our planet?
Miliya Gill 12
Song Of The Medicine Wheel
Bernice Kamano 14
Turn in Turn
Glenn Brooke 16
Glenn Brooke 18
Language and Identity
Pauline Thompson 19
What Uni 101 Means to Me!
Ron Kinch 20
Not My Media
Yvonne Murphy 23
I Am
Kris Busby 24
Why Write?
Beverley Johnson 26
Prisoner 1068
Naggue St. Onge 28
Stefannie Postnikoff 31
Uni 101 vs. SADD
Stefannie Postnikoff 32
Ants At War
Dale Harder 34
Things That Make Me Happy
Henry Tak Pui Au 36
Learning Environment
Henry Tak Pui Au 38
Learning English
Henry Tak Pui Au 39
I Love Fishing
Greg Hoar 40
Recycled Spirits
Chloe Seguin 42
What Uni 101 Has Meant To Me
Chad Dickie 44
Uni 101 Haiku
Chad Dickie 47
Wendy Penman 48
The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
Wendy Penman 49
Letter to a Friend
Wendy Penman 50
Did You Just Call Me?
Wendy Penman 51
Jay Alcantara 52
Welcome To Canada
Jay Alcantara 54
The Critical Citizen
Terry MacDonald 57
The Cry of Loneliness
Wayne Patrick James Sheeran 60
Sister Moon
Wayne Patrick James Sheeran 63
Language Learning
Elizabeth Syring 66
Why I Fear Government
Grace Lemieux 68
Full Moon
Grace Lemieux 70
Time to Relearn
Grace Lemieux 74
Five Senses I Dislike
Grace Lemieux 78
9 Things I Know About Life So Far
Lisa Shelton 80
For My Mother
Lisa Shelton 82
My Resurrection - The Subconscious Mind
Lisa Shelton 84
It's Time
Janine Paupst 86
Sleeping Angels
Janine Paupst 87
You Are A Rainbow
Charles Crossland 89
Ever Weaving
Cat Sturk 90
Dedicated to All Victims of Violence
Cat Sturk 91
Fear After Death
Cat Sturk 92
No Fear
Cat Sturk 93

Published by
University of Victoria
Victoria, BC