Fall: University 101 Students

Table of Contents

Full Issue
A Curious Traveler's Guide to Uni 101
Wendy Anthony 1
New Beginnings
Belinda Rose Collins 4
The Conviction of Socrates
Glenda-Lee Pickit 8
Vivian Lacey 9
open doors
Brittany-Jean Campbell 10
Teaching Assistant Reflections
Colette C 12
Acid Indigestion
Craig Ellermann 17
UNI 101
Dianna Lucas 20
Through My Eyes
Jennifer Johnson 21
Elisa Thibodeau 22
Words written in a room after the light goes out
Jane Currie 25
Winter Lake
Jane Currie 26
The Inkwell of Loneliness
Jane Currie 28
My Bus Ride Home
Patrick Loewen 29
Human Bill of Rights 101
Valerie Smith 33
Jeff Hendren 34
A coulee walk
Jennifer Reyes 36
Memories of the Prairies
Jennifer Reyes 37
Race in History, West Indies
Jennifer Reyes 38
Biopolar Affective Disorder
Louise Maclaren 40
A Learning Experience
Louise Maclaren 41
The Groomed Students
Maria Rosaria Csizmazia 42
Maria Rosaria Csizmazia 46
A year ago: UVic & I
Mercedes Espineira 48
by any other name
Marlene R. Williams 50
A Dog Story
Trevor Jones 53

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University of Victoria
Victoria, BC