Fall: University 101 Students

Table of Contents

Full Issue
A Note From the Dean
Dr. John Archibald 1
The Air
Hilary Marks 2
The University of Victoria
Jocelyn Dunn 3
Hodge Podge
Neil Sangha 4
Reflections on Uni 101
Patty Milne 6
Carol Demetre 8
Lilac Island
Carol Demetre 9
A Letter to Socrates
Anna Norris 11
First Big Fish
Dave Csizmazia 12
Cecilia Bailey 14
The End Days of Our Family Sedan
Felix Bright 16
Silent Prayers
Emma Whitfield 20
Moral Issues of the Law
Vanne Hanisch-Godoy 22
Upheaval of the Earth
Lea Murphy 26
My Awakening of Human Rights
Candy Hietala 28
Tina Lalonde 32
The Mirror
Erin Watling 33
Continuing [My] Education
Rich Velay 34
Adios Amigos
David Conner 36
One Line At a Time
Dianna Lucas 37
Joyful Moments
Cynthya Cenciarini 38
Umbrellas Fall From the Sky
Bui Nelson, Drew Farrance, Felix Bright, Lea Murphy, Sean Addie, Tina Lalonde 44
Forever at Odds
Dave Csizmazia, Cecilia Bailey, Dianna Lucas, Heather Modlin, Josh D'Lorge, Martin Van Boekel, Neil Sangha 45
Waiting at the Corner
Anna Norris, Candy Hietala, Carol Demetre, Carrie Elrick, Max Olesen, Vanne Hanisch-Godoy 46

Published by
University of Victoria
Victoria, BC