Fall: University 101 Students

Table of Contents

Full Issue
A Note From the Dean
Dr. John Archibald 1
The Journey
Melissa Rafter 2
Trail Toward the End of Fear
Darren Gray 5
Truth Withheld
Katie Lacroix 6
Nature's Wood
Adele Vey 8
Adele Vey 8
Warm Wood
Ade' Vey 8
A Real Fairy Tale from One Disney Princess to Another
Carol Stockall 10
Et tu XV
Colleen Kerr 14
A.K.A. Demi-Monde
Collen Kerr 16
Tin Thinks Wut I Learnt in Skul
Jerry Murry 17
Good People
Andrew Paish 20
A Gift Too Precious to Ignore
Jill Cater 22
Oatmeal and Tuna: The Clayton Kershaw Story
Bruce Wallace 24
To My Children
Arac Ceron 26
On a Bench
Brett Hendry 28
I Have Changed My Mind About the Uni 101 Program
Gary Tennenhouse 31
She and He
Mauela van der Mey 34
Manuela van der Mey 36
Manuela van der Mey 37
New Turns in Forest Glades
Gordon Molhoj 38
Another Monkey
Ross Turchyn 46
Tina Lalonde 46
Drifts of My Dreams
Donna Furnival 48
Morbid Musings
Donna Furnival 49
One With Who You Are
Amrune Khan 52
What It Really Was
Amrune Khan 53
Personal Essay
Violette Perreault 54
In Memory
Laurie L 55
Laurie L 56
Laurie L 57
miguel Beraza 58
Information Age
Bob Hundle 60
Jeff Blue Randall 62
Children's Rights Advocacy
Lori Piercey 65
Name Humanity
Beverly Johnson 66
Fare well
Beverly Johnson 67
Faith & Hope
Linda Brown 68
The Waxing Moon
Sabrina Rowe 69
Suicider's Right to Life
Karen Herle 72
Rebekah Shmyr 75
And Comrades
Azelia Serjeanstson 76

Published by
University of Victoria
Victoria, BC