Vol 1 (2009)

Table of Contents


Preface PDF
Dr. Mitchell Lewis Hammond
Perspectives of Power: Byzantine Imperial Women PDF
Carina Nilsson
The Scourge of God: The (in)Visibility of Mongols in Russian History and Memory PDF
Katherine A. Maximick
God as Spouse and Mother: Examining Gender Within Teresa of Avila's Writings PDF
Alyssa Baartman
Patriarchy and the British Civil Wars PDF
Sara Siona Régnier-McKellar
An Imperial Context for the Spanish Presence on the Northwest Coast PDF
Devon Drury
Lind to Linus: Two Eras in the History of Vitamin C PDF
Steve Dove
Constructing Dakar: Assimilation, Association and Power in French African Urban Development PDF
Dustin Harris
Tracks, Tunnels and Trestles: An Environmental History of the Construction of the Canadian Pacific Railway, 1883-1885 PDF
Heather Longworth
What's God Got To Do With It?: Examining the Role of Religious Beliefs in the Secular Discipline of Mennonite History PDF
Sandra Borger

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